Phthalocyanine Blue (15ml Watercolours)


Green-Blue, Transparent

Phthalocyanine Blue is a powerful, transparent green-blue which needs to be handled with some care. It has been chosen because it will give very bright greens when mixed with our Hansa Yellow and a wide range of transparent blue greens with Phthalocyanine Green. Such clear blue greens cannot be mixed any other way.

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  • Phthalocyanine Blue is a bright, powerful green-blue. Valued by artists for its transparency, it gives very clear washes when well diluted. PB15 is divided into distinctive commercial types. PB15 : 1, PB15 : 2, PB15 : 3 etc. There is little difference between them in chemical make up and all are equally lightfast. The colour varies slightly between the various types, some being greener than others.
  • Rated 11 (very good) as a watercolour and 1 (excellent) as an oil paint, acrylic or gouache following ASTM testing. An excellent all round pigment.
  • Phthalocyanne Blue is very powerful and has to be handled with some care as it will quickly influence most other colors in a mix. Non-metallic preservatives.


Additional information

Weight .035 kg
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 cm
Type of Paint

Artists Quality Watercolour Paint

Colour Type

Green-Blue, Transparent

Common Name

Phthalocyanne Blue

Colour Index Name

PB15 – PB15:1 etc. (Pigment Blue 15)

Colour Index Number

74160 – 74160:1 etc

Chemical Class

Copper Phthalocyanne

ASTM rating

Rated 11 (very good) as a watercolor and 1 (excellent) as an oil paint, acrylic or gouache following ASTM testing.



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Our Paints

As any reader of my books will know, I suggest a limited palette of lightfast colors which will give the maximum possible range of mixes. I do not base any of my suggestions on romantic ideas from the past but solely on the qualities of the pigment used. We now have at our disposal the finest colorants of all time. Unfortunately, there are also many inferior or poorly labeled substances on the market.
As many artists have experienced difficulty in identifying suitable colors, which are also lightfast, I have introduced our own paints. They are intended only for those with a clear understanding of the thinking that is behind them. In other words, they are for use within the School by the discerning colorist requiring the best available materials.
I wanted a limited range of high quality, lightfast colors which would be compatible with each other and give the widest possible range of mixes. The paints are specially produced for the School in small, controlled batches. They are made to my specification and contain only high quality, lightfast, genuine pigments. Readers of my book ‘Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green’ will have found that six colors are enough for a vast range of mixes. To these six – two reds, two yellows and two blues – I have added Phthalocyanine Green as a clear mid-green; Burnt Sienna to give a neutral transparent orange; Yellow Ochre as a neutral orange-yellow; Phthalocyanine Blue to provide a transparent green-blue; Raw Sienna for a semi-transparent neutral orange-yellow; and White.
I also wanted the same, carefully selected pigments to be used in each media. The same pure Cadmium Red (for example) to be used in the watercolors, oils, acrylics and artists gouache. Never before done.
The more we know about our colors the more versatile they become. I have examined and tested virtually every modern paint in the world as part of my research and genuinely feel that we offer the finest possible range of colors. There are only twelve colors in total. As these twelve can be mixed to give several million other hues, I feel they are more than enough..

Our Labels

The colour name on our labels might seem a little unusual at first. To label a colour as, say, ‘Cerulean Blue’ does not tell us very much. We label the same colour ‘GREEN-BLUE OPAQUE’, followed by the traditional name.

Also included is a colour mixing guide based on our palette. At a glance the user knows (in the case above), that a blue has been selected which can give bright greens and dull violets and will cover previous work well, being opaque..


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