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An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide towards the accurate mixing of greens. Mix any green that you require quickly and accurately – an artist’s dream.


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Without a doubt, the foremost concern identified by artists lies in the mixing of greens. Too many resort to using unreliable colours such as Sap Green, Olive Green and Hookers Green. Such pre-mixed greens tend to fade or deteriorate in some other way.

This book will show you how to mix any green that you require, quickly, accurately and without waste. Bright greens, yellow-greens, dull greens. Whatever green you are looking for this book will shown you how to mix it with absolute ease. Any green, from bright to dark, from blue-greens to yellow-greens can be produced with absolute ease in a matter of moments. Do you really want to keep struggling to produce predictable greens? An associated Mini Course is also available.

Please note: a copy of our “Colour Mixing Swatch Book” will be helpful if you wish to obtain the maximum from this book


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School of Color Publishing (June 1, 2004)

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